family wondering about senior care optionsAs our loved ones grow older, their needs change. Slowly but surely, their daily routines change, and the amount of help they need grows. Not only is it essential to understand these changes, but to be sure that they’re getting the support they need to keep living their best lives. There are quite a few living options for our loved ones in their senior years. At Seasons at Laguna, we offer assisted living homes. However, if an assisted living facility is more appropriate, we’d be happy to recommend a high-quality, trustworthy facility in our area.

But with such similar names, how do these two services—assisted living facilities and assisted living homes—actually differ? And which one is right for your loved one?

About Assisted Living Facilities

How independent is your family member? Do they still enjoy getting together with friends or a night at the movies? Are they capable of getting around? Do they live alone, or are you looking for something suitable for a married couple growing old together? These are all questions to take into account as you weigh the options available.

Assisted living facilities are appropriate for seniors who still enjoy a good deal of independence. As the name suggests, residents get assistance with day-to-day living with a variety of things such as laundry, housekeeping, meals, and transportation. However, they generally have their own housing unit and can participate in the facility’s social engagements and community activities. For the most part, they’re free to do what they like with the security of knowing support is available if and when they need it.

The Seasons at Laguna Difference

At Seasons at Laguna, we take a more hands-on approach to senior living. We offer a warm, caring environment with all the conveniences of home but with the security and comfort of full-time supervision.

You’ll notice the difference immediately in our homes. Our four homes are located throughout Southern California, nestled between the amenities of the city and an abundance of nature. Ringed by greenery and with ample patio space, our homes offer a great balance of indoor and outdoor living.

Spacious bedrooms provide everything our residents need with room to spare for personal touches. And there are plenty of common areas for gathering over coffee, watching movies, or whiling away a cold night in front of a toasty fire. The homey atmosphere helps keep our seniors socially connected and mentally alert in addition to safe and comfortable.

Each home is staffed with full-time, compassionate, qualified professionals. They work here full-time and are fully invested in the well-being of your loved ones, meaning your loved ones do not need to worry, and neither do you.

In addition to ensuring the maintenance of the house itself, our staff also tend to our residents’ Activities of Daily Living (sometimes shortened to ADL) by assisting as needed with the following:

  • Mobility
  • Personal hygiene
  • Incontinence care – the use of the toilet
  • Dressing
  • Meals and feeding

Our caregivers also oversee the majority of household upkeep, including:

  • Meal preparation
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Communication assistance (e.g., using the phone, internet)
  • Taking medications
  • Attending appointments

The assisted living homes at Seasons at Laguna creates the perfect blend of comfort, care, and security for your loved one in their later years.

Contact Us About Our Assisted Living Facility

To learn more about our assisted living homes, or to schedule a home tour, please call us at 800.340.9704. We look forward to hearing from you..