About Seasons at Laguna

For over ten years, Seasons at Laguna has provided safety and independence for older adults needing assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Seasons at Laguna believes you should enjoy your golden years to the fullest. Our experienced and caring staff make it a point to give you the freedom and support you need. As you learn more about Seasons at Laguna, you’ll see we offer Premier homes.


Resident Focused

There are three aspects making Seasons at Laguna a unique and superior option for assisted living:

  • High-Quality Care: As a small, close-knit community, Seasons at Laguna provides the highest quality of care possible in the most ethical and friendly manner. We do so by promoting both physical and mental health through programmed activities while also encouraging individuals to be as independent as possible. Our trained, compassionate staff is here to provide support when needed.
  • Resident Focused: We look for input from our residents about the changes they are facing. Our priorities are your happiness, comfort, and safety. The Seasons at Laguna is your home, and we make sure that you are comfortable. Our homes are in quaint neighborhoods a few miles from the beach. We dedicate ourselves to our residents, and we want your life in our homes to be the best possible experience.
  • Collaborative Care: When it comes to your care, you should have a voice. Most senior care decisions occur as a team with input from residents, family, and medical care providers. Participation from family is encouraged. We always advocate for our resident’s best
    interests. You receive quality and compassionate care at Seasons at Laguna.

What Sets Us Apart

First and foremost, Seasons at Laguna is not a facility; it is your home. We strongly believe that every senior should be able to enjoy their golden years with dignity and respect. We can arrange for transportation to worship services, shopping, doctor appointments, and more. You can request changes to your room, and bring personal items to make it more your own and familiar. Our compassionate and experienced staff understands the importance of keeping clients in a positive frame of mind.

Thus, alongside providing transportation for shopping and helping residents independently plan and prepare their meals, we assist with household management. For example, cleaning and removing clutter and helping with laundry helps maintain a sense of order and pride. This, combined with aiding in filling prescriptions, helping residents keep their medications up to date, and taken on time and in the correct dosage, provides an excellent foundation for independent living. At Seasons at Laguna, we’re here if you need us. But, most importantly, we want to make sure that you thoroughly enjoy your time here.

Schedule a Visit

Come and visit us. You will instantly fall in love with the caring, family atmosphere of our assisted living homes. Come and see why this will be the perfect place for your family member or yourself.

Give us a call at 800.340.9704 and schedule a tour today to learn more about Seasons at Laguna. We look forward to hearing from you.