Seasons at Laguna is one of the premier dementia care facilities in California. Our staff has the tools to help your loved one age gracefully with dementia. We will help your loved one feel more comfortable, less confused, and less afraid about what is going on around them.

What is Dementia?

Unlike what many believe, dementia is not a normal part of aging. Most older adults will never suffer from dementia. However, for those that do it can be a challenging condition for both the individual and their loved ones. Dementia is a disease affecting many different cognitive processes. Alzheimer’s, for instance, is a form of dementia. There is also vascular dementia which occurs after an individual suffers a stroke. However, some dementia is caused by reversible problems such as vitamin deficiency or thyroid issues.

Dementia affects long or short-term memory hampering a person’s ability to:

  • Remember things
  • Communicate
  • Pay attention and focus
  • Make decisions or judgments
  • Perceive things visually

For most, the disease begins by limiting short-term memory. Individuals forget or misplace simple things like their keys, wallet, or purse: items they regularly use. Dementia is a progressive disease worsening with time.

For those individuals often on their own, it’s unlikely they’ll recognize their dementia symptoms. Thus, symptoms may suddenly appear to loved ones when, in reality, they have been developing for some time. People in these situations must immediately see a doctor about what they are experiencing to get the help needed.

Dementia is serious. If left untreated, an individual may forget to eat, bathe, or become hopelessly lost in places once familiar. Their health can deteriorate quite suddenly. Because so many issues can arise with dementia, patients require the utmost care like that provided by Seasons at Laguna.

Causes of Dementia

The damage to the brain causing dementia is variable. But some common ways that people can get dementia are:

  • Head trauma
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Malnutrition
  • Organ failure
  • Autoimmune conditions

Further, some individuals experience early-onset dementia due to drug and alcohol use. Alzheimer’s accounts for more than half of dementia cases, which is why many see it as a disease of aging. Yet, it’s evident dementia can affect people of any age. If you or a loved one has dementia, Seasons at Laguna have the staff with proper training to care for you.

Dementia Care Facilities – Seasons at Laguna

Seasons at Laguna offers dementia care in all of its facilities in Southern California. It is difficult for a spouse or loved one to take care of someone with dementia all on their own. You can’t spend your day worrying your loved one may potentially hurt themselves because you can’t be there around the clock. Our experienced staff is prepared to help you shoulder the responsibility.

Our facilities are specially equipped for residents with dementia symptoms providing 24/7 monitoring, medication management, and access to medical experts.

If you have any questions about our program or would like to come for a visit, please call us at 800.340.9704. We look forward to speaking with you today about our dementia care facilities.