Our Care Staff

Our care staff at Seasons at Laguna are some of the most dedicated and loving people that you will find in the profession. All of our staff are appropriately certified and trained. Each is passionate about senior care. We run extensive background checks and character profiling to make sure that your loved one has the best care possible.

The Problem with Home Care Staff

Finding home care staff is tough, whether you are looking for home care in your own home or for a home to care for you or a loved one. It is hard to know what a person is going to do without you around, but there are ways to make sure that your residents and staff feel protected and safe at all times. One thing to keep in mind is that Seasons at Laguna our care staff work here full time. They are completely dedicated and committed to working with our residents. This is different from caregivers that visit residents in their homes. At Seasons at Laguna, you know that you will always have:

Consistent Care

Care is there for your loved one around the clock. Your caregiver is already there in the morning to help you take your medicine. Everything is taken care of for you! You will have:

  • Your medications on time
  • Your meals on time
  • Assistance in toileting, bathing, laundry, and feeding, if needed
  • Appointment reminders
  • A consistent schedule for hygiene and personal care

When you stay with us, there are no questions as to when something is going to get done. We are here for you and our purpose is to see that you are safe, comfortable, and happy in the golden years of your life. We consider the fact that you have chosen us to take care of you during these years as an honor and a privilege.

Attentive Caretakers

At Seasons at Laguna, our employees genuinely care about you. They are here for you! Your new home is a home, not a large facility. This allows our caretakers, as well as the rest of the Seasons at Laguna family, to give you the attention you need. Anything less is simply not tolerated. Our residents are our number one priority.

Your Home, You Come First

Again, your health and comfort are top priorities for the Seasons at Laguna staff. We are constantly striving to update our homes, and making improvements to your individualized care. You can rest assured that if you ever have a concern, we will look into it right away. We endeavor to make these years as comfortable for you as possible. You’re free to speak up, we want to hear your opinion!

Contacting Seasons at Laguna

If you would like to come for a home tour or you would like some more information, please give us a call at 800.340.9704. We can answer your questions as we take you through our high-quality homes so you get a sense of what we offer. We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to answer any questions.