Specialty Services

Seasons at Laguna offers a range of specialty services to care for seniors at our assisted living homes. Our residential care homes will give your loved ones the best care and attention possible. At our homes, we make our seniors feel special and cared for while they stay with us. We offer specialty services at all of our homes in Laguna Niguel, CA and Mission Viejo, CA, for those that need them or are interested in them.

Specialty Services at Seasons at Laguna

The specialty services at Seasons at Laguna include:

  • Regular vital signs monitoring and reporting
  • Diabetes management
  • Arrange for in-house Laboratory Services
  • Behavioral support or sundowning
  • Insomnia and night care
  • Collaborating with outside home-health and hospice agencies who provide nursing care

Every resident that comes to us will be assessed for their individual needs. These needs will be cared for during their stay, and they will also be reassessed as needed if the level of care should increase over time. We want to be absolutely sure that people are receiving the care that they need and deserve. We are more than happy to speak with family or residents about the level of care they have been placed at.

Extension of Basic Services

Our basic services at Seasons at Laguna include (but are not limited to) regular activities of daily living, shower assistance, feeding assistance, help with walking, incontinence assistance, calling anywhere in the US, meals and snacks, planned activities, games, holiday celebrations, arranging for transportation to appointments, furnished room with cable and TV, and visitors are welcome. In addition to this, seniors also have:

  • Physician house calls can be arranged
  • Visits from podiatrists, speech therapists, physical therapists, etc.
  • Home visits from the church upon request
  • In-home hair and makeup service can be arranged
  • We provide furnished rooms but all seniors are welcome to bring furniture

Seasons at Laguna offers all of these additional services so that seniors can live the life that they have become accustomed to at their home. We understand there are those who prefer to stay closer to themselves, but we will encourage them to join the rest of the residents in the house. We value time with each and every one of our residents. But we also get that they may not be feeling well or need some time on their own.

Seasons at Laguna also provides complete care for seniors living with dementia at all of our Southern California residences. We know how difficult this disease can be to manage. Also, we understand the worry it causes family members and friends. Our staff is trained, and our facilities equipped to handle all the symptoms of dementia, with 24/7 monitoring, medication management, and immediate access to medical experts.

If you would like a tour of the home or further explanation of the specialty services offered at the Seasons at Laguna, please give us a call at 800.340.9704. We would be more than happy to go over any questions that you might have about any part of our program.