Seasons at Laguna seniors enjoy a variety of specialty diets. Because our friendly staff members realize that everyone has different dietary needs, meals are adjusted accordingly. For some, meal requirements have to do with voluntary limitations such as food preferences. For others, nutritional needs have to do with health requirements like heart conditions. Our staff creates meals that fit the requirements and are appetizing to our seniors.

Accommodating Residents with Voluntary Dietary Restrictions

Some of our seniors choose to restrict the foods they eat voluntarily. We have some seniors who choose not to eat meat except for fish on Fridays for religious reasons. Others opt for a vegetarian diet out of compassion for animals. Our staff members are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Working with Residents Who Need Specialty Diets

Of course, our nutritional therapy programs in Laguna Niguel, California, and Mission Viejo, CA, helps residents who have food allergies. Such as residents with allergies to peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat, or soy. That said, our team also customizes three nutritious meals and healthy snacks for seniors with dietary restrictions.

As noted by Disabled World, common restrictions include special diets for diabetes, hypoglycemia, and sodium-restricted meals. We follow the nutritional guidelines your doctor or nutritionist provides you. Most importantly, we also assist you in controlling portions and promoting healthy diets. Seniors with specialty diets can stay energized throughout the day with healthy snacks.

Assisting Seniors with Dementia and Other Health Needs

Often, seniors with dementia find it difficult to get regular, healthy meals. The disease creates a severe challenge in caring for your loved one. However, Seasons at Laguna’s staff is experienced in providing the necessary diet and structure for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. As an individual’s cognitive functions decline, they may become overwhelmed. Perhaps most common, an individual with memory issues forgets to eat or eats too often. Thus, they need to have a caregiver present. Likewise, they may have difficulty with long-time favorite recipes, where utensils are or what they are used for and being confused by options presented to them.

Making sure our residents are eating well and regularly is part of our ongoing care system. Monitored care services help with activities related to daily living, such as light housekeeping, grooming, and continence. They manage medication, ensuring each client has the dignity and independence they need while safely getting the medication they need. Furthermore, we organize house calls by doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals as well as arranging transportation to appointments.

Having Fun is Part of the Experience

More than just a specialty diet provider, Seasons at Laguna emphasizes soulful food. Our staff members arrange for homecooked meals inside and outside by the grill and special holiday meal celebrations.

Why Make Seasons at Laguna Your Home?

Seasons at Laguna have nutritional therapy programs in Laguna Niguel, California, and Mission Viejo, CA. At our homes, you don’t have to move if your health temporarily takes a downturn, and your nutritional needs change. Similarly, we can accommodate residents who may be in ill health or have challenging nutritional needs.

More than a generic senior apartment, you have the option of bringing your furniture and can decorate your room. We can accommodate room-sharing with your spouse. Seasons at Laguna is your home. We are able to provide you with all the services that large facilities offer but with individual attention and care, with home-cooked meals.

Better than a large facility, our homes are sufficiently small to offer a low resident-to-caregiver ratio. It feels like coming home with a caregiver there when you need them. You’re sure to love the beautiful rooms that are spacious, airy, and friendly. Moreover, you will have easy access to the home, which can support ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents equally.

Welcome yourself home to Seasons at Laguna, where we provide specialty diets, personalized care, and more. Call us today at 800.340.9704.