Medication Management Services

Medication management services are incredibly important for seniors’ health. Most of our beloved seniors take a lot of prescription medicines, as well as non-prescription supplements. It is vital to take medication at the appropriate times and with the appropriate directions. Large care facilities struggle with giving medication on time and with proper care due to the large senior-to-staff ratio. Seasons at Laguna has small homes perfect for individualized medication management!

Why Do You Need Medication Management Services?

Medication management is a necessity when you get older. It is easy to forget a pill here or there at any age, but when you get older and have prescribed medications the side effects can be worse. Our loved ones take medicines that are vital to their health and longevity; having medication management services in place helps them follow their prescriptions and doctor’s orders.

Large care facilities are busy. They are often understaffed and overcrowded with seniors. This increases the chances of missed medications or medications given at the wrong time.

On your own, you risk forgetting your medications. Also, the chances of taking the wrong medications are higher.

If you are thinking about a care facility for yourself or a loved one, consider a small, well-equipped home. Seasons at Laguna homes have staff who are highly trained to make sure that each senior is getting the correct medicine they need at the right time.

What Are Medication Management Services?

Our California medication management program means that we will handle all aspects of your medication. We will:

  • Have your refills filled
  • Arrange transportation to your appointments required for refilling
  • Receive medications by delivery
  • Organize medication into our system
  • Dispense medications as suggested by your doctor

If your loved one needs something beyond the listed services, we can certainly provide it. We dedicate ourselves to ensure the proper care of all of our seniors in our homes and that the medication is no different. Medicine is a vital part of your care that we take very seriously.

Contacting Seasons at Laguna

If you have questions about our medication management services, please do not hesitate to call. Our staff would be more than happy to go over all of our dispensing and obtaining protocols. Everything is recorded in MAR (Medication Administration Records) and easy for you to understand. We always put residents first at Seasons at Laguna. Call us at 800.340.9704 to find out more today.