family wondering about senior care optionsStay active throughout your retirement years. If you’re like most seniors, you’re still looking forward to relaxation and fun. Almost all want to remain independent as long as possible. Seasons at Laguna offers a comprehensive catalog of senior care options in a home-like setting. Even though seniors become dependent on our caregivers, they can enjoy a variety of stimulating activities.

Why a Home-Like Setting is Important

If you are looking for a permanent home for your loved ones, the idea of a home at Seasons at Laguna is right for you. You can still have a nice home with a small yard and even a grill on the patio without having to manage it. This is the time to focus on you. Someone else can handle the yard work and maintenance.

At Seasons at Laguna, our friendly staff provides a home-like setting without all the work. It’s an excellent example of the types of senior care options California locals talk about. The home-like feel is essential because it removes the clinical and institutional appearance of the large facilities.

Comprehensive Senior Care Options

Seasons at Laguna is for seniors dependent on caregivers that want to continue to be active and need care. It’s for the elderly who need help with a variety of tasks. We love spending time with and caring for all seniors who need any variety of care.
If you need the senior care options that only highly trained and compassionate staff can provide, you’re in the right place. There are outside rehabilitation services that come to you! You don’t have to travel to a different location. Rather, the service providers come to you.
This is possible at our homes because home health agencies, occupational, physical, and speech therapy experts have professional relationships with Seasons at Laguna. Our assisted living homes greatly benefits those with dementia.
Examples of our comprehensive senior care options include:

  • Bathing, grooming, dressing, and continence assistance for residents
  • Medication management to prevent missed or duplicate doses
  • Housekeeping services that also include laundry to maintain a clean, clutter-free living environment
  • Feeding assistance, which may be necessary for residents who can’t participate in regular meal times with others
  • One caregiver for every three residents for a personalized level of attention at all times

It’s fair to say that our home offers all levels of compassionate care.

Seniors Have Fun Too!

Here at Seasons at Laguna, our goal is to support your need for activities, socializing, and bottom-line fun. That’s why there are card games, board games, backyard BBQs, birthday and holiday celebrations.

There are all sorts of arts and crafts that are perfectly suited to underscore the celebration of all the major holidays. You can enjoy the outdoors while gardening or talking with our staff at the grill. You can always wind down with your rooms’ flat-panel television set with cable service if you choose.

The goal of fun activities is to keep you active as part of the senior care options California discusses. Being active physically and mentally can prevent depression and boost your energy levels.

Nutritious Meals Protect Your Health

Our senior care options include three healthy meals and nutritious snacks throughout the day. Our staff members adjust the food choices with your dietary needs in mind. For example, if you have diabetes, your meals will look different from those that someone with heart disease enjoys. That said, all the food choices are delicious and appealing to your appetite!

Learn More About Coming Home to the Senior Care Options at Seasons at Laguna

We provide the senior care options California talks about. There’s a broad range of amenities and care approaches that we offer. Because there’s something for each individual, you’ll love living here. Call 800.340.9704 today to find out how you can move in!