Everyone knows Seasons at Laguna as a fun senior living home, but what about skilled care? What do our skilled care recommendations look like? Most importantly, how could these services benefit you?

Understanding Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing care provides services for each individual. Examples of services include:

  • Wound dressings, which benefit residents who just recently left a hospital setting
  • Tube-feeding for individuals who need this nutritional assistance program
  • Stroke recovery services that help residents to participate in programs
  • Medication management as a tool for ensuring safety and consistency
  • Regular health assessments by our trained nursing staff

Skilled Nursing Care in Your Home

Some skilled nursing care options let you remain in your assisted living home if your health changes. You can look forward to enjoying your golden years in comfort and safety. Besides that, you’ve gone beyond earning the privilege of having fun and having someone else handle the housekeeping.

If you decide to remain at our homes and receive outside skilled nursing care, you can stay in beautifully decorated rooms with all our amenities. Each room has a sliding door to the outside. This allows for easy access to the backyard patio. It’s a great way to enjoy some private time outside.

Besides outside skilled nursing care, our home’s operator is a skilled staff member who understands how to design a care home for seniors. Part of the commitment is the skilled nursing care Californians talk about. We know that you don’t want to keep moving from place to place. That’s why skilled nursing care takes on a comprehensive approach.

The World Health Organization currently identifies 50 million people as dealing with dementia. By 2050, this number will likely triple. When you use skilled nursing care at home, you don’t need to move. Caregivers simply adjust their approach to factor in your new needs. It’s a seamless transition to bring in skilled nursing care that protects your independence and dignity. You feel at home, and loved ones continue to visit you. You can feel safe and comfortable around familiar surroundings.

Although nobody likes to talk about it, there comes the time when the end of life approaches. Once again, there’s no reason to move. The skilled nursing care you can trust and we recommend also includes hospice care. They have a license to assist our seniors during this time of transition.

The Emphasis is on Home

Seasons at Laguna isn’t another clinic or facility. We want you to feel at home. Our mission is to meet you at your point of needs and foster independence and social interactions. When you live here, you’re family. And we will help you find the best-skilled nursing care in the Laguna Niguel area.

With us, there are friendly competitions during card games and board game tournaments. You have a chance to participate in gardening and enjoy the beauty of nature. Pet therapy brings in adorable animals, which is always a delight.

The friendly staff creates a sense of balance that turns the home into a multi-functional setting. Whether you’re dependent on mobility help or need extensive assistance due to Alzheimer’s, there’s a place for you here. Most importantly, you experience all this against the gorgeous backdrop of the Laguna Niguel landscape.

When you need skilled nursing care, Seasons at Laguna will find the right one for you. We pride ourselves on creating the type of setting you’ll love to call home. Call 800.340.9704 to find out more.